Smart City Research Lab

The Smart City Research Lab (SCRL) is an interdisciplinary research network at the University of Bamberg, funded by the smart city initiative of the City of Bamberg. Started in 2020, the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community funds in total 15.75 billion Euro to the "Modellprojekte Smart Cities". The SCRL supports the city to develop a strategy and put it into action.

Regarding topics, there are references to all major areas of study within the ZIAI, so that the SCRL is a cross-divisional structure. Projects from the areas of study that contribute to the topic of Smart City can be carried out within the SCRL and might also get funding. For example, research questions from regarding the AG Cognition and Interaction study the willingness to share private mobility information, participation of citizens is a research questions from socio-technical systems, and research questions of Digital Heritage occur in the context of the topical cluster "Digital Twin Welterbe".

Currently, around 40 scientists are involved in the SCRL, some of them are also members in the ZIAI.

More information and example projects can be found on the SCRL main web page: