Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences

Information Systems and Energy Efficient Systems

Research Fields

The group’s current resarch foci are Smart Grid resp. Smart Metering infrastrucures as well as their application to increase consumption transparency, include renewable energy sources and to design Data Mining based energy services with the following four reserach fields:

  • Feedback systems and especially the examination and design of behavioural interventions in private players' energy consumption with the aim to realize extensive and cheap energy savings in the private
  • Systems for load shifting and therefore designing and analysing methods for temporally shifting demand for electricity so that renewable energies such as wind power or photovoltaic systems are demanded when they are available,
  • Energy-analytics processes for consumption data to help to improve energy consulting services and demand planning, as well as
  • Adoption projects in order to reinforce the understanding of success factors of products nad services related to the treated fields; transfer into praxis is to be extended and new and relevant research topics to be identified by "product-oriented development" in the medium term.

All four subject areas offer various starting-points for corporations due to their relevance and their high levels of innovation. Chosen research results already have been published in high-ranking specialist journals.