Methods and Theory

The fast-paced development of technology, agile enterprises, and societal challenges requires professionals to continue learning throughout their careers. The competencies we impart shall thus enable our graduates to tackle new challenges and also solve problems that have not yet been anticipated. Therefore, our courses pay special attention to theories and methods that form a solid basis for future endeavors.

Learning by doing

Solving actual problems and learning by doing can be fun and at the same time showcases the relevancy of the theories and methods that are involved. Consequently, we use case studies and real-world data sets in our courses and often mix lectures and tutorials. In our master’s program, we frequently include current research topics and regularly work on challenges in teams and cross disciplines.

Online learning

Getting our students prepared for life-long learning is a key objective. To introduce them to self-paced learning, some of our courses consist of lectures that are available exclusively online and that go together with voluntary classroom tutorials. Online material is available over our edX platform and includes video clips with subtitles, online tasks, and chat rooms. This way, we enable flexible courses that also offer personal contact with staff and fellow students.