Bachelor and Master Theses

Please send an email to the contact person in case of questions related to the topic of interest. 

Templates for theses and the expose are available at the  VC course (EESYS-Allgemeine Info Energieeffiziente Systeme).

Note: We offer our students the service of an R-Helpdesk as part of our degree dissertations. For further information, please enroll in the VC course for theses of the chair.

Available Topics  

Working TitleContactAdditional Information
Information systems and their potential to change behaviorJoanna GraichenMaster thesis (literature review)(121.7 KB)
Information systems research for the next generationJoanna GraichenMaster thesis (literature review)(121.7 KB)
Meta-analysis on the benefit of data-driven explanations for AI-supported decision-makingFelix HaagMaster thesis (meta-analysis)(122.3 KB)
Evaluation of a field study in the field of online learning to assess the effect of explainable AI-based feedbackSebastian Günther
Felix Haag
Master thesis (field study evaluation)(122.0 KB)