Information Systems
at the University of Bamberg

The Department of Information Systems comprises eight chairs and one junior professorship. It established the Information Systems degree programme back in 1987, launched the initiative to found the faculty in 2001 and was awarded new Hightech Agenda Bayern chairs and a lighthouse professorship in 2020. The IS department is regularly listed in the top places in European research rankings and the IS degree programmes are among the leaders in the relevant CHE rankings. The focus is on the degree programmes in Information Systems, International Information Systems Management (Bachelor's and Master's degrees) and the Virtual Master's Degree Programme in Information Systems.



Information Systems in Organisations

Three chairs focus on the management and design of information systems in organisations. The ISDL Chair (Prof Dr Tim Weitzel) researches and teaches in particular in the context of the service sector. The topics of digital change management, innovation and transformation are covered by the ISM Chair (Prof Dr Daniel Beimborn). The new Chair of AI Engineering (Prof. Dr Milad Mirbabaie) focuses on the development and management of AI-based information systems.



Industrial Focus

The industrial focus is on three areas. The Chair of IIS (Prof. Dr Sven Overhage) focuses on industrial information systems in production and trading companies. The EESYS Chair (Prof. Dr Thorsten Staake) focuses on the analysis and design of energy-efficient systems. The ISHANDS Chair (Prof. Dr Christian Maier) is establishing a new focus in the field of digital health.



Digital Plattforms and Social Networks

Topics relating to digital platforms, networks and markets are being pursued in three sub-areas. The SNA Chair (Prof. Dr Oliver Posegga) focuses on analysing and changing social networks in business, administration and the private sector. The ISPL chair (Prof. Dr. Thomas Kude) deals with the design and management of digital platforms and their role in organisations, industries and societies. The junior professorship DW (Prof. Dr Gerit Wagner) focuses on digital work on online platforms.