Chair of Information Systems Management

Welcome to the Chair of Information Systems Management. In research and teaching it deals with questions concerning the management of information systems and technologies as well as with the challenges of digital innovation and transformation.
The management of the information systems (IS) of an organization - consisting of those technical and personnel components, which are involved in the production, processing and use of information - is in particular in the 'age of digitization' an elementary component of successful organization management. Due to the rapid technical progress in the IT sector (e.g. cloud computing, blockchain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence) and complementary changes in management and organisation (e.g. agile development and project management approaches, dynamic organisational structures with mixed, (partially) autonomous teams or the change from digital value chains to platforms and integrated ecosystems), there is both a high potential and the need to accompany and help shape these developments in research and teaching.
Contrary to the traditional view of information systems as 'contractor' of departments and corporate strategies, we will pursue an innovation-oriented orientation and in research and teaching contribute to the question of how (digital) innovation can be driven from the IT/IS side. With this orientation, we pursue exciting and relevant research topics, offer future-oriented content in teaching and offer various opportunities for cooperation with companies and other organizations.
On these pages you will find information about the research profile, the courses offered and the staff of the chair.