Prof. Dr. Elmar J. Sinz

Prof. Dr. Sinz is Emeritus of the predecessor chair of Information Systems, especially System Development and Databases and co-founder of the Faculty WIAI.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1951. Graduate engineer (FH) in mechanical engineering (1972). Graduate in business administration (1977). Doctorate (Dr. rer. pol.) at the University of Regensburg (1983). Habilitation (Dr. rer. pol. habil.) in Information Systems at the University of Regensburg (1987). Substitute for the professorship C4 for business administration, especially Information Systems, at the University of Marburg (1987 - 1988). Holder of the chair for Information Systems, especially system development and database application, at the University of Bamberg (since 1988). Further appointments (C4) to the RWTH Aachen University (1988), the University of Marburg (1988), the University of Cologne (1992) and the University of Münster (1996). Chairman of the Scientific Commission for Information Systems in the Association of University Professors for Business Administration e.V. (1995 - 1997). Speaker of the Technical Committee Information System Architectures and the MobIS (Modelling of Business Information Systems) Section of the German Informatics Society (1993 - 2004). Dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at the University of Bamberg (1996 - 1998). Founding Dean of the Faculty "Business Informatics and Applied Informatics" at the University of Bamberg (October 2001 - April 2006). Co-editor of the journal WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK (since 1990). Head of the Scientific Institute for University Software at the University of Bamberg (ihb) (since 2003).

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