Jana Lekscha

About the Person

Jana Lekscha has been a research assistant at the Chair of Information Systems, especially AI Engineering at the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg since December 2023. She previously completed her Bachelor's and Master's degree in International Business Studies at the University of Paderborn. Ms. Lekscha gained practical experience at Diebold Nixdorf and OPTANO GmbH as a working student in project management and later also in HR management. Her practical experience also includes an internship at BMW AG in Munich in the HR department, in particular Compensation and Benefits.

In her role as an employee in the project "Development of strategies and tools for cross-media reporting, detection and treatment of cyberbullying and hate messages in investigative and law enforcement agencies" (CYLENCE), Ms. Lekscha is working in the consortium to develop concepts for the implementation of innovative solutions to detect, report and treat cyberbullying and hate messages more effectively. To this end, strategies and tools are being planned to enable the collection and analysis of public data by ESBs (operational and service units) using artificial intelligence (AI) on the one hand and to support the reporting of cyber abuse through innovative channels for the population on the other.

Research Interests

Jana Lekscha's research interests lie in the area of fake news and disinformation, particularly in relation to social media. A particular focus is on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect hate messages and combat fake news. It focuses on developing innovative solutions to better understand the impact of digital developments on society and to develop countermeasures that help promote a healthy and respectful digital environment.


In teaching, Jana Lekscha supports the Bachelor's course "Digital Organizations" and in the Master's course both the seminars "Ethics and AI" and "Digital Life", as well as a research project that takes place every semester.