Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences

Information Systems and Energy Efficient Systems

Information Systems and Energy Efficient Systems Group

The ambitious goals of the energy transition can only be achieved by using modern information and communication technology. Their fields of application comprise the integration of renewable energy sources, the construction of intelligent transmission and distribution networks (so called smart grids) and the increase of energy efficiency in production, transportation, and the household sector. Research on Management Information Systems (MIS) plays a key role in this domain as it links technology with related business processes and consumer behavior.

Focus in Research and Teaching

The Energy Efficient Systems Group focuses on the development of Information Systems (IS) for supporting and motivating sustainable consumer behavior. Particular consideration is given to smart metering and smart grid infrastructure and the design of related systems that enable energy efficiency services for private households.

With a clear focus on the development and assessment of applications that are applicable to the mass market, the group closely works together with both, industry partners and startup companies. The research results build an important cornerstone of the teaching activities at bachelor and master level.