Course Overview

Information on organizational aspects (time and location of courses, etc.) is published on UnivIS. Course material is available on the Virtual Campus.

Undergraduate Courses

Course NameECTSCourse TypeFrequency 
International IT Project Management6lecture and exerciseSS 
Foundations of Energy Informatics6lecture and exerciseWS  

Bachelor seminar


3SeminarSS/WS(not in WS 21)


Graduate Courses

Course NameECTSCourse TypeFrequencyMore

Master seminar



3SeminarSS/WSRegistration required! See UnivIS
Energy Efficient Systems6lecture and exerciseSS 
Data driven Decision Support 6lecture and exerciseSS 
Project Smart Grid Data Analytics6projectSS(not in SS 21)
Applied Data Analytics and Machine Learning in R6lecture and exerciseWS 
Business Intelligence & Analytics6lecture and exerciseWS 
Project Business Intelligence for Renewable Energy Systems6projectWS(not in WS 21/22)

*WS = winter term, SS = summer term