Our work concentrates mainly on the following areas:

The research work of the chair is the subject of publications at national and international conferences, national and international journals and books. A detailed description of our research projects can be found under the respective menu items of the individual research projects.

    Selected publications

    • Tarafadar, M., Maier, C., Laumer, S., and Weitzel, T. (2019). Explaining the link between technostress and technology addiction for social networking sites: A study of distraction as a coping behavior. Information Systems Journal (ISJ)
    • Maier, C., Laumer, S., Wirth, J., and Weitzel, T. (2019). Technostress and the hierarchical levels of personality: a two-wave study with multiple data samples. European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS) (24:4), 1-27,
    • Maier, C., Laumer, S., Weinert, C., and Weitzel, T. (2015). The Effects of Technostress and Switching-stress on Discontinued Use of Social Networking Services: A Study of Facebook Use. Information Systems Journal (ISJ) (25:3), p. 275-308,
    • Maier, C., Laumer, S., Eckhardt, A., and Weitzel, T. (2015). Giving too much Social Support: Social Overload on Social Networking Sites. European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS) (24:5), pp. 447-464,
    • Wagner, H., Beimborn, D., and Weitzel, T. (2014). How Social Capital among IT and Business Units Drives Operational Alignment and IT Business Value. Journal of Management Information Systems (31:1), p. 241-272,
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    • Best Paper Award: Pflügner, K., Mattke, J., and Maier, C. (2019). Who is Stressed by Using ICTs? A Qualitative Comparison Analysis with the Big Five Personality Traits to Understand Technostress. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, Siegen, Germany
    • Best Paper Award: Buettner, R., Sauer, S., Maier, C., and Eckhardt, A. (2018). Real-time Prediction of User Performance based on Pupillary Assessment via Eye Tracking. AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction (10:1), 26-56,
    • Nominated for the Most Innovative Short Paper Award: Wirth, J., Maier, C., Laumer, S., and Weitzel, T. (2017). Understanding Privacy Threat Appraisal and Coping Appraisal through Mindfulness. Proceedings of the 38th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Seoul, South Korea (Research in Progress)
    • One of the 5 most highly cited papers published in Journal of Strategic Information Systems: Maier, C., Laumer, S., Eckhardt, A., and Weitzel, T. (2013). Analyzing the impact of HRIS implementations on HR personnel's job satisfaction and turnover intention. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems (22:3), p. 193-207,