Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies


Within this research area, the team focuses on how companies can generate value with the help of blockchain technology. The usage behavior of blockchain-based applications (such as crypto currencies) is examined from an individual perspective.

Topic of research

Benefits of Blockchain in a business context

A central question is in which areas blockchain technology is suitable and generates added value. In this context, the ISS team is investigating the use of blockchain technologies in various industries and sectors. Since only a few blockchain projects are successfully implemented and undergo a launch, the research team also focuses on the question of success factors and lessons learned in blockchain projects. With the help of several international partners, the research team accompanies several blockchain projects in various fields of application.

The private use of blockchain-based applications

Within the scope of hypes around blockchain and crypto currencies, the research team investigates the reasons behind the use and non-use of blockchain-based applications, as well as crypto currencies. Occasionally, a focus is put on the peculiarities of blockchain-based applications from an individual perspective.

Selected publications

  • Mattke, J., Maier, C., Müller, L., and Weitzel, T. (2018)
    Typology of User Resistance Behavior: A Study Explaining Why Individuals Resist Using Bitcoin
    Proceedings of the 39th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), San Francisco

  • Mattke, J., Hund, A., Maier, C., and Weitzel, T. (2018)
    Will the real Value of Blockchain Please Stand Up? Lessons Learned from Multiple Blockchain Projects
    Proceedings of the MISQE Special Issue Workshop, San Francisco