ISHANDS-Health-M: Digital Health

Digital Health is rapidly gaining prominence in today's world, revolutionizing healthcare by empowering patients and enabling personalized solutions. Driven by the growing demand for high-quality healthcare, the rise of chronic diseases, and rapid technological advancements, Digital Health is fundamentally transforming the way we understand, manage, and experience health.

At the core of Digital Health lies the use of various technologies to enhance healthcare delivery and outcomes. A wide spectrum of innovations, ranging from electronic health records and health information exchange systems to mobile health and telemedicine, empowers patients to actively manage their health and improve it in the long run.

The lecture provides a comprehensive overview of this dynamic and rapidly growing field, employing a Digital Health Journey to convey a profound understanding of the key concepts, technologies, and application areas of Digital Health and its diverse technologies. This journey outlines the various paths that can lead to improved patient health: self-care by patients themselves on one hand and environmental support from physicians and other entities on the other. The Digital Health Journey thus illuminates both the provider and recipient sides, thereby offering a holistic overview of Digital Health.


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