Research in the Field of Information Systems

The research activities in Information Systems examine the value-oriented design, development and management of operational information systems. Research topics include IT management, IT business alignment, adoption of and resistance to new information technologies, IT outsourcing, E-recruiting, social networks, semantic object models (SOM), the development of flexible application system architectures for intra-enterprise and corporate contexts, as well as information systems geared towards university teaching and management.

Energy Efficient Systems

Information Systems hold the potential to trigger energy efficient behavior among individuals while being more cost effective than automation techniques and easier to enforce than price interventions. In this context, the Energy Efficient Systems Group develops and probes

  • data analytics approaches for high resolution consumption data, e.g., to establish automated energy consultancy services,
  • feedback systems on energy consumption and driver behavior, considering the bounded rationality of individuals, and
  • demand side management systems for integrating renewables in a smart grid.

Of special interest are smart metering und smart grid infrastructures as well as the development and testing of scalable energy efficiency services for utility companies.

Research Projects

Industrial Information Systems

The chair of Industrial Information Systems is primarily concerned with the analysis and design of information and application systems – particularly in an industrial context. The primary research focus is placed on these systems’ architectures and functions, as well as on modeling and classification methods pertaining thereto. As both people and application systems are information systems actors, learning and consulting systems aimed at providing people with relevant qualifications are also examined.

Research Projects (german)

Information Systems and Services

The research focus is placed on the theories and methods pertaining to the management of information. Projects are centered mainly on the following areas: IT business alignment and the business value of the information technology; (social) networks and IT; and IT adoption and outsourcing.

Research Projects (german)

System Engineering

System Engineering is focused on the construction of business information systems, and particularly on the analysis and creation of information and application systems. The group’s main focus areas are represented by the concepts, models, methods and tools used in developing database-driven business application systems. Additional fields of research include the modeling of business information system, architectures for business information systems, and the development of configurable standard application systems as well as distributed data warehouse systems.

Research Projects (german)