Programme Profile

The University of Bamberg’s Information Systems degree program stands on nearly three decades’ tradition. First established in 1987, it was only the third such program in Germany. In line with the accords of the Bologna Process, the diploma programs offered in Information Systems were expanded in the Winter 2004/05 semester to include bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

As an academic field, Information Systems addresses the structural and behavioral characteristics of information systems, the procedural methods for developing and operating these systems, and the economic and social implications of their operation. The degree program is thus linked both to the academic disciplines of economics, computer science, and business administration and management.

The bachelor’s degree program in Information Systems aims to develop students’ ability to apply academic methods to solve problems arising in the field, including those of an interdisciplinary nature, and continue to develop these methods. A further goal is to equip students to engage in their own continuing education independently, as is often required to keep pace with the field’s continual, dynamic development. Studies in Information Systems are oriented both towards method and application, and they prepare students for a variety of professional paths. The elective options built into the program allow students to develop individually specified areas of focus.

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