Regulations and Documents

Degree programme regulations

The following documents make up the formal framework for the bachelor’s degree programme in Information Systems:

  • The WIAI faculty’s general examination regulations (in German).
  • The degree programme’s study and subject examination regulations (in German).
    Among other things, the study and subject examination regulations list the number of ECTS points that are to be earned in the various module groups. Furthermore, these regulations define the courses that may be attended as part of an individual module group. Detailed descriptions of the modules referenced in the document can be found in the degree programme’s module handbook.

Module handbooks and module tables

  • Module handbooks
    The number of ECTS points to be collected in each module group is specified in the examination regulations for the respective subject. The so-called module table is included in the module handbook and lists the modules in which these credit points may be earned. Furthermore, the module handbook contains descriptions of the individual modules listed in the module table, including abbreviations, learning objectives, prerequisites and the type of examination that the module concludes with. The module handbook is typically updated each winter semester.

    Current version (in German)
    Module handbook including the module table

    Older versions (in German)
    archiv of Modul handbooks including modul tables


Course Timetables

Exemplary course timetables can be found in the current first semester introductory brochure. 

Fist semester introductory brochure on the web pages of the WIAI Fachschaft.

Please note: These exemplary course timetables are only a suggestion and are in no way binding. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact your subject advisor.

First semester introductory brochures

The current and previous versions of the first semester introductory brochure can be found on the web pages of the WIAI Fachschaft.