Here you will find the right degree programme for you at the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences at the University of Bamberg.

Adriane Meißner (B. Sc. IISM): I particularly liked the informal atmosphere at the University of Bamberg and the fact that there are so many opportunities to go abroad.
Alexander Hones (B. Sc. WI): What I liked best about my degree programme was that I could choose relatively freely. This allowed me to incorporate my strong interest in core computer science topics into my information systems studies.
Sonja Niemann (M. Sc. CitH): What I liked best was that I could establish a connection between computer science and psychology – especially with all the subjects you can choose from.
Katrin Zerfass (M. Sc. WI): I particularly appreciated the liberty I was granted in choosing my subjects. The different modules offered by the many chairs at this faculty never let my studies become boring.

Found your focus?

Head to the subject advisors of the degree programmes that correspond to your area of interest. If you have difficulties deciding between an interest in technology and management, then visit the subject advisors of the respective degree programmes of the faculty.

Subsequent Master Degree Programmes in Bamberg