Voices of the graduates

Alexander Gilch, VAWi-graduate

"After a few years of work, I decided to pursue further studies because I had the feeling that I had not yet reached the end of my academic career and that I was expanding my career opportunities with a university degree As few face-to-face events as possible came into question and I had to rely on a high degree of flexibility, but also had some expectations regarding the course content and the lecturers, the choice fell on VAWi fairly quickly.

Here it was possible to expand and supplement my skills and knowledge from my first degree and to structure my studies flexibly every semester. The range of modules is very broad, the module content or exercises / submission tasks and exams are at an appropriate level, the study materials are extensive and partly multi-media. VAWi offers well-known lecturers and the support was always friendly, comprehensive and helpful.

Although I was not able to meet the time goal I set myself, thanks to the flexibility of VAWi, I was able to achieve a university master’s degree, at least parallel to my full-time work as an IT project manager, two moves and starting a family without running out of time. I would recommend the course at any time."

Pascal Redig, VAWi-graduate

With VAWi, I had the opportunity to complete my master’s degree parallel to work (full-time) and family. The high degree of flexibility of the course was also demonstrated by the fact that I was able to redefine the workload every semester. Unforeseen events did not lead to the graduation being discontinued.

"The course can be adjusted not only in terms of time, but also in terms of content to personal needs. You can choose freely from the wide range of modules, so I was able to give my course a technological orientation. The content of the IT modules was of very high quality and up-to-date, but in my opinion the technical / methodically oriented modules have not quite been able to maintain this level.

My employer paid for the manageable costs for a privately financed master’s course and granted me additional leave for the exams.

In addition to the flexibility that I would particularly like to emphasize, I was also positively surprised by the personal support from the lecturers and tutors. Questions were always answered very quickly and concisely, also when preparing and working on project and master's theses.

I can unreservedly recommend this course."

Stefanie Hierl, VAWI-graduate

"I started studying business informatics at VAWi in autumn 2013. At that time, I was already working as an IT application manager, but my previous bachelor's degree was more business administration-oriented to solidify the theoretical foundation for my work (which the course could also fulfill).

I decided on VAWi in particular because I wanted to study alongside my job, which is not tied to any time of day or time. I also liked the fact that the individual modules could be freely selected. I took 3-4 modules per semester. This was challenging, but doable. The (group) course work within the modules supported me in this. Unlike what you would expect from a distance learning course, I was able to get to know my fellow students through these joint projects.

I particularly enjoyed the support within the course. Having direct contacts who can answer questions quickly is extremely helpful."

Pascal Krotz, VAWi-graduate

"With VAWi I was able to optimally combine my current professional and private situation. Due to the high degree of flexibility and the current course content, I was able to complement my" Bachelor of Science "degree very well. The general support of the VAWi team as well as the contact to the Lecturers and other fellow students convinced.

My current employer also enabled me to reduce working hours to 80%, which made studying better and more flexible for me. A day off during the week (in addition to the weekend) gave me more time overall and was able to familiarize myself better with the content of the lectures, which is why I can recommend such a reduction in working hours to every student."

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