Qualification goals of the course of studies M.Sc. International Software Systems Science

The Master's degree programme in International Software Systems Science is designed with the following qualification goals in mind:

With the successful completion of the degree programme, graduates

  • have the ability to independently analyze problems of Software Systems Science with scientific methods and to make professional contributions to the software-technical solution of complex computer science problems, which meet high demands on technical robustness and sustainability.
  • are qualified for a doctorate and are able to independently develop the scientific methods of Software Systems Science.
  • have the competence to recognize the need for information, to obtain relevant information on the latest methods of Software Systems Science, to independently plan and conduct theoretical and experimental studies, and to critically and responsibly examine and evaluate the application of new technologies according to scientific criteria.
  • are able to methodically classify and systematically combine knowledge from different areas of computer science, to deal with complexity and to familiarise themselves with new tasks in a time-efficient manner.
  • are able to communicate technical-scientific tasks and solution-approaches of Software Systems Science fluently in English, can organize themselves confidently in international teams and show a reflected approach in an intercultural context.