Programme Profile

Programme Profile

Software is the driving fabric behind many of the technological advances that enrich our every-day lives at home, at work and in public. Software arises from human imagination and creativity and there seems hardly a limit to what software can achieve. Yet, software is also a serious engineering enterprise. More and more important tasks in government administration, industrial production, health care, public transport, etc., are put into the" digital hands’’ of mobile and networked computer systems. The underlying software must be extremely reliable and constructed according to the highest standards. Meeting the demands on safety and robustness cleverly is both exciting and a challenge as distributed software is becoming increasingly complex. The power to design such software for the next generations comes equally from the creativity for discovering unconventional solutions and the mastership of advanced professional techniques and methodologies that are scientifically grounded in a system-oriented perspective.

If you have completed an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or a closely related area and wish to prepare yourself solidly for a career in the software industry or software research, our new masters degree programme is right for you. The new degree programme in International Software System Science (120 ECTS) enables you to specialize in all tasks needed for analysing, designing and developing large, networked software systems with innovative methods. The programme is informed by current trends in industry and research, and relays advanced knowledge in the architecture, development and analysis of modern software by teaching state-of-the-art techniques and methods in complex software engineering for distributed and mobile software systems.

Through your choice of elective modules you can put special emphasis on

  • distributed and mobile systems,
  • software analysis and verification,
  • service-oriented architectures or
  • networked systems and communication protocols

Student projects and a study period abroad or an industrial internship broaden your perspective, strengthen your team aptitude and help you gain valuable experience. This will equip you with all skills and knowledge necessary to succeed as a highly valued software expert in the dynamic and future-proof IT industry, or as a skilled researcher in international laboratories at industry or university. Since all teaching is delivered in English this is your springboard for a career in the globalized economy.