Career Prospects

Our master-level degree programme in International Software Systems Science allows you to specialize in those moderns aspects of Computer Science that are necessary for analyzing, designing and developing complex, distributed and mobile software systems. At the end of your studies you will be proficient in state-of-the art methods, languages and tools for the engineering of networked software, for checking the correctness, performance and quality of software, and for solving architectural software problems creatively.

Over and above your excellent subject knowledge gained during your studies, you are trained to take a system-level perspective and to master the technical issues arising from the distribution and mobility of software. With your ability both to think analytically and to create innovative solutions you are ready to enter a thriving IT job market in Europe and on other continents. With your international language skills and your ability to work efficiently within project teams, you will fulfill key employment criteria of internationally leading companies.

Typical fields of employment are:

  • Software development and consultancy. You analyse, plan and realise large software projects in IT companies or you may be employed as a consultant in large software consulting firms.
  • Software architecture. You work as a senior software architect in an IT systems house or a software company, and are responsible for the efficient realisation of IT strategies using modern software engineering methods.
  • Development and operation of IT infrastructures. You oversee server infrastructures, web portals and cloud services, business support systems for banks, telecommunications companies or in e-commerce. 

All modules of our degree programmes are taught by experienced and research-active professors and lecturers of highest international standing. As a result, our programmes are an excellent preparation to engage in subsequent doctoral studies and from there to pursue an academic career.

Internships during your studies. With an excellent bachelors degree in computing and the increasing knowledge acquired from your masters classes at Bamberg you will be well-qualified for an internship or other similar type of employment already during your masters studies. In this way, you may try to gain practical work experience and prepare your future career. You may not need to look very far, for you can contact to join one of the medium-sized or larger international companies based in the Franconian region or in wider Bavaria either part-time or for several weeks during the semester breaks.

Note on work permit regulations: If you are a citizen of the EU you have no work restrictions. If you are not an EU student and enrolled in the masters degree programme you may work for up to 120 days or 240 half-days per year. Employments adding up to more than 120 days require a work permit.

Important Caveat: It is not possible to finance your studies on the basis of internships. You must have sufficient financial funds to support you during your masters degree course. There is no guarantee that you can find an internship and any earnings arising from it will not be more than supplemental.

More information for foreign students: