Gaining international experience during the course of a degree programme, either by studying or doing an internship abroad, is becoming more and more important.

The Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences (WIAI) emphatically encourage students to pursue studies abroad. The faculty support studies abroad by offering bilingual courses, specialization options, learning agreements and a comprehensive, flexible examination and course credit scheme. The latter allows for the recognition of credits earned outside the University of Bamberg (so long as there is sufficient equivalency) and for individualized degree programme planning (e.g. taking care of examination segments prior to or following a stay abroad).

Nearly one third of students from any given year already complete a portion of their studies abroad, be it as participants in one of the many University of Bamberg study abroad programmes, or in foreign studies of the students’ own devising.

Particularly in the International Information Systems Management and Software Systems Science programmes, it is very common for students to spend time abroad, either during an internship or studying for a semester or two at a foreign university. Internationalization  also plays an integral part in our degree programmes in Applied Computer Science, Information Systems and Education in Business and Information Systems. Studies abroad enrich your cultural awareness, quench your curiosity, demonstrate personal initiative and a high degree of organizational talent. Aside from the rewarding personal experiences, studies abroad provide essential knowledge of language and geography coupled with general life skills, without which it is almost impossible to gain a foothold in today’s international marketplace.

Further information

Further information concerning all aspects of studies abroad can be found in our Virtual Campus course titled Studium International WIAI.

Foreign Students in the Faculty

The WIAI faculty warmly welcome students from foreign universities. You can apply for studies at the University of Bamberg either as a participant in an exchange programme or on your own initiative.

Further information on studying at the University of Bamberg can be obtained from the International Office.