Welcome to the Department of Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences (WIAI Faculty) at Bamberg University.

Are you interested in joining us as a full-time or part-time student in one of our degree programmes or would you like to spend some time with us as a visiting guest student?

Here you will find some information that may help you to plan your studies.

If you wish to enroll as a regular degree student you will have to apply through the Academic Exchange Office. In this case, among other formal prerequisites, you will need a German language certificate (DSH). Please look at the web pages of the Academic Exchange Office to find out more details.

Perhaps you are not going for a full Bamberg degree but planning to visit us a guest student and earn credits towards your home degree? Then you should first contact the International Office of your home institution. If there exists an international student exchange partnership between your University and Bamberg your International Office will assist you in setting up your study abroad.

If we do not yet have an exchange partnership with your University you may organise your visit at your own initiative and contact the Academic Exchange Office about the admission procedure. As a guest student, the German language requirement is not as stringent as for regular degree students. A growing number of WIAI modules are available in English.

However, keep in mind that many classes are taught entirely in German. A good command of German will help you make maximal use of our course offerings.

In addition you should check for any relevant visa requirements. Please apply as early as possible prior to your stay at Bamberg, for the processing of visa applications may take several months.

General Information

The Academic Exchange Office of Bamberg University provides useful information. The International Affairs Officer of the WIAI Faculty, Prof. Mendler can assist you with any questions that you might have. If you have any questions regarding the application procedure for the exams or if you have problems applying for the exams please contact Benjamin Gödicke.

Specific information on the current course syllabus can be found in the WIAI Module Handbook:

WIAI-Module-Handbook(1.9 MB, 222 pages)