M.Sc. Applied Computer Science

Programme Abstract

Information technology is transforming the world we are living in. The Internet, mobile devices, and the digitalisation of multifarious products and processes make this evident in our daily lives. Our master’s programme in Applied Computer Science, that optimally prepares you for the multifaceted challenges in your future job, therefore focuses on:

  • A substantiated education in computer science, founded on established standards, forms the solid base
  • Exiting areas of specialisation, like Ambient Intelligent Interaction, Data Science, Cultural Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Media Informatics, and Human-Computer Interaction, focussing on the important intersection of humans and computers.
  • In the fields of application areas the horizon goes far beyond conventional applications, and focuses on areas of culture and media, with their demanding requirements for multimedia- and content-driven information processing.

The master’s programme in Applied Computer Science familiarises students with the demands of specific fields of application in order to be able to systematically solve computing-related problems in these fields using modern information technologies.

The programme therefore offers different foci and a broad range of options. Students with a primary interest on foundations are able to select from a broad spectrum of theoretic modules; students with a preference for practical work, can choose besides the master thesis two projects, in which they can work on current research topics.

The Degree Programme at a Glance

Final ExaminationMaster's Examination (accompanying the programme)
TitleMaster of Science (M.Sc.)
ECTS Points120
Standard Programme Duration4 semesters
Programme StartPossible in both winter and summer semesters
Type of StudiesFull-time and part-time studies possible