Qualification goals of the M.Sc. Applied computer science

After completing their studies, students have achieved the following qualification goals.


  • have demonstrated in exercises and projects that they have mastered the methods and processes of applied computer science and can use them appropriately in an unfamiliar, interdisciplinary application context.
  • can independently assess and compare methods and procedures in computer science and applied computer science and have independently implemented or evaluated scientific methods in seminars.
  • have dealt critically with methods and processes of computer science in group work and applied computer science and their application and argued in a substantiated way . In doing so, they take into account and respond to the perspectives of other students.
  • can organize themselves independently in teams and apply project management methods practically.
  • have developed a professional self-image which they can bring in and explain in different application contexts. They have questioned themselves regarded to alternative designs and can justify appropriate delimitations.
  • have shown, especially in the context of their thesis, that they can independently design an extensive research project in which they have applied learned knowledge to a derived research question using research methods and assessed their benefits.
  • are familiar with a logical-analytical, systemic approach that enables them to investigate novel problems and complex relationships in applied computer science on the basis of limited information and to develop solutions by integrating existing and new knowledge.
  • reflect the cultural and social significance of their specialist discipline as well as the role of computer science in various application contexts and incorporate this knowledge into their actions.