Qualification goals of the B.Sc. in Applied Computer Science

Upon completion of their studies, students have achieved the following qualification goals.


  • can compare and apply methods and procedures of computer science and applied computer science and have implemented or evaluated exemplary methods in projects and seminars.
  • have shown, especially in the context of their final thesis, that they are able to design a research project in which they have applied learned knowledge to a derived research question using research methods and have evaluated their usefulness.
  • are able to systematically penetrate, analyse and evaluate components, processes and methods of their discipline.
  • have applied relevant methods in exercises and projects and assessed their implementation.
  • have dealt critically with methods and procedures of computer science and applied computer science and their application in group work and have argued on this in a well-founded way. In doing so, they take into account and address the views of other students.
  • have developed a possible professional self-image (e.g. as a systems analyst or software architect) and know alternative designs.
  • can assess their own abilities with regard to aspects such as analysis, system development or communication and already have ideas for their further development.reflect on the social and political significance of their discipline.
  • have learned about the social background of their discipline and have shown that they can explain its significance for the present.
  • have made decisions, set priorities and assigned tasks in several exercises and projects. In doing so, each person took responsibility for themselves or their task in the group.