Programme Profile

The Bachelor's degree programme in AI & Data Science will be offered at the University of Bamberg for the first time from winter 2024. Seven AI professorships, which were established as part of the Bavarian AI Initiative, will complement the existing programme, so that students can expect a broad and well-founded teaching and research environment in the fields of AI, data science, applied computer science and business informatics. The new degree programme is additionally strengthened by a cooperation with the Institute of Statistics of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences.

The concept of the new degree programme recognises the growing importance of interdisciplinarity in computer science. In a world in which AI technologies and big data permeate large areas of social reality, it is no longer sufficient to focus solely on computer science fundamentals. The degree programme therefore combines AI as a branch of computer science with statistical and mathematical methods and practically relevant applications in the social sciences and humanities.

In order to support different courses of study and profiles, our degree programme in module area A3 "Specialised studies in AI & Data Science" is based on a three-pillar model:


Module area A3 comprises the following specialisations:

Students learn the necessary mathematical and computer science fundamentals in module groups A1 and A2. These are supplemented by knowledge in the field of ethics in AI and interdisciplinary skills in module group A4. Seminars and projects with a practical, methodological or theoretical focus and the focussed examination of a topic during the Bachelor's thesis round off the degree programme.

At the end of their studies, graduates are optimally prepared for a further, specialised Master's programme of their choice. Even if the aim is to work directly after graduation, e.g. as a data analyst or AI system developer, the broad range of courses provides a solid foundation for a successful career start.