Regulations and Documents

Regulations for the course

The following documents form the formal framework for studying in the Interaction Research and Design master’s program:

  • The general examination regulations (APO) of the WIAI faculty.
  • The study and subject examination regulations (StuFPO) for the course. 
    The study and subject examination regulations include defines the credit points (ECTS points) to be achieved in the module groups. In addition, these regulations regulate which events can be attended within the individual module groups. Detailed descriptions of the individual referenced modules can be found in the module handbook for the course.

Module manuals and module tables

The module table of the degree program regulates which modules can be selected from the module handbook in the individual module groups specified in the subject examination regulations. Additional information and, if necessary, references to additional short-term courses can be found in the information provided by the Examination Board Applied Computer Science.