Structure and Curriculum

The master's program “International Information Systems Management” consists of six module groups.

The contents of the individual module groups are briefly presented below. Detailed information on courses and modules within the module groups can be found in the module handbook for the course (see section Regulations and Documents).

A1: Module group A1 focuses on international IS management. The topics range from IT value creation, optimization of IT-heavy business processes, management of IT-related changes, analysis of social networks and business intelligence and analysts to international innovation strategies and the management of international service companies. There is a high degree of freedom in the choice of individual courses within the module group, so that individual focal points can be set in the course depending on interests or professional ideas.

A2: In the events of this module group, students deepen their basic knowledge of business informatics and information systems. There is a high degree of freedom in the choice of the individual courses within the module group, so that, according to the individual ideas of the students, modules for in-house, modular or on-demand systems, energy-efficient systems, advanced application systems for data, information and knowledge processing or for system development can be selected .

A3: In the A3 Business Administration module group, additional modules can be selected from the Business Administration modules offered by the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg. With regard to the examinations to be taken, the examination and study regulations that apply to this degree program apply.

A4: Two master’s seminars are attended as part of the course. Here specific questions of various sub-areas of the management of international information systems are expanded and discussed.

A5: A compulsory internship in the IT organization of a company or another institution with an international focus must be completed as part of the master’s program. The results of the activity are presented as part of an internship report. Furthermore, achievements at a university abroad or in the field of foreign business languages ​​can be brought in.

A6: As part of the master's thesis, a set topic from the field of International Information Systems Management is independently processed using scientific methods. More information on choosing the subject area of ​​the master's thesis can be found in the study and subject examination regulations (see section Regulations and documents).