Welcome to Fachschaft WIAI


Opening Hours

Winter Semester 2018/2019

During the semester our members are usually in the office according to the schedule below. However, you can also meet members here out of office hours. You can check whether the office is open at https://open.wiai.de.

If you have questions regarding a specific course of study, we recommend you to come to us, when there is somebody studying the same course.

Time | DayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday
10 am - 12 amFabian (AI-B)
Manuel (SSS-B)
Fabian (AI-B)
Michi G. (AI-B)
Marius (AI-B)

Lara (AI-B)
Tobi (AI-B)

12 am - 2 pmAnna (CitH-M)
Valle (WI-M)
Keven (WI-B)Jonas (WI-M)
Thuy (IISM-B)
Christian (WI-B)
2 pm - 4 pmDominik (WI-B)
Florian (SSS-B)

Alex (AI-B)

Leonie (AI-B)
Anika (AI-B)

Anika (AI-B)
Florian (SSS-B)


Semester Break

During the semester break, we are not staffed on a regular basis. If there are any questions, send them to us via email (fachschaft-wiai.stuve(at)uni-bamberg.de). In most cases, we can help you out equally well this way. We can also arrange an appointment at the office if you prefer that.