Services offered by WIAI Student Council

From students for students

Our commitment as a student council and student representative is aimed in particular at students, but also at high school graduates who intend to study a subject offered at the WIAI faculty at Otto Friedrich University. In addition, university graduates are welcome to contact us.

We offer services and, as an official body of the university, are committed to student affairs. Contact us with any problems or questions regarding your studies or the university. We don't have all the answers but if we can't help you ourselves we can likely put you in contact with the person you should talk to.

Specific Services

At the beginning of the semester we organize the Erstsemestereinführungstage, introductory days for first semester students, where you get all the important information regarding your course of studies in a compact way.

We offer regular LaTeX introductory courses in cooperation with Prof. Krieger and the university library.

We also organize events such as Uniball, a formal dance held in the summer semester, the faculty Christmas party, a summer barbecue, LAN parties and much more.