What does the student council do?

What is the student council?

We as the WIAI Student Council (Fachschaft WIAI) represent the 2,000 students of the faculty WIAI (as of summer semester 2023). This also includes the listeners of computer science lectures on the ERBA island.

First and foremost, we are the contact persons for first-year students (and experienced students) of the study programs Information Systems, Applied Computer Science, International Information Systems Management, (Computer Science:) Software Systems Science, International Software Systems Science, Computing in the Humanities and Economics & Business Education.

Events & Tasks

Our work includes sending delegates to boards and committees at various levels of the university. In doing so, we bring in the interests, wishes and concerns of the students. We are legitimized by the Basic Regulations, which provide for us as the representation of the students.

We help you whenever there are problems with the university administration, lecturers and other university staff.

Every semester we organize different tutorials (e.g. on LaTeX) and parties (the Christmas party, the summer party and the Uniball) to make your everyday life at the university even more interesting.

How to become a student council member?

The student council currently consists of about 30 active members. We spend some™ of our free time trying to improve the study conditions at the University of Bamberg. Seven of us are elected in the university elections in the summer semester, find out more here.

We meet weekly to discuss current issues of the student council. These meetings are open to the faculty and are the best way to get involved in the student council. We appreciate every helping hand - for a specific project as well as long-term.