About the Fachschaft

What is the Fachschaft?

The student council (Fachschaftsvertretung WIAI) represents all 1,300 students of the WIAI faculty (as of summer semester 2017). This also includes participants of online lectures in the "Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences" department. 

How does that affect me?

Sending delegates to boards and committees at different levels of government at our university, we voice interests, wishes, and concerns of the students. 

Beyond that, we are the contact people for freshmen (and experienced students) studying Wirtschaftsinformatik, Angewandte Informatik, International Information Systems Management, (Informatik:) Software Systems Science, International Software Systems Science, Computing in the Humanities or Wirtschaftspädagogik in Bamberg. 

When should I come to you?

We help you whenever there are any issues with the university administration, professors or teaching staff. 

Every semester we organize different tutorials (e.g. LaTeX and Unix) and festivals (Christmas party, summer festival, university prom) to make your university life even better.

You can also come by during the opening hours for a Mate. However, if you are already there, you can also easily visit our sessions. We meet once a week and are always open to new members. The more we are, the more we can achieve - no matter whether you support us only for certain projects or for a longer period. Just come to us, we are looking forward to your opinions.

So you are ...?

Students, first of all. We spend some spare time in the office to improve studying conditions. Seven of us are elected in the summer semester (more details available here) but in total around 30 fellow students are engaged in the Fachschaft.