Overview of the Student Representation

This year's university elections took place until July 21st, 2020, determining the student representation's composition for this term. The turnout was an all time low at 8.7%. Only a high turnout demonstrates your support for your voluntary colleagues engaging in meetings, events, and other projects. We owe it to them ...

  • that the ERBA cafeteria provides a real meal for lunch,
  • that there is a bus commuting between the Feki and the ERBA,
  • that first-semester introductory days, summer parties and other events take place,
  • and much more ...

But whom can you vote for? The following information should give you sufficient help to fill out your three ballots.

The Student Senators

Two student senators represent you in the university's senate and council. These are the most important bodies in our organizational structure. They elect the university president, decide on changes to the constitution, and create new courses of study.

You have two votes for members of different political groups.

The Fachschaft

That's us. You have probably attended one of our numerous events including the first-semester introductory days, the Christmas and the summer party. Eight of us are elected members with seats in several university bodies. We discuss current faculty matters in weekly sessions. Our two speakers have a seat in the faculty council, an institution concerned with our examination regulations and module handbooks. Four more members represent you in the student parliament.

Once again you have two votes, both of them can be given to one person.

The Student Parliament

The student senators, four members of each “Fachschaft” as well as 17 members of political university-associated groups assemble in this body - including the green-leftist "Bamberger Grün-Linke Studierendeninitiative" (BAGLS), the independent "Unabhängige Studierendeninitiative" (USI), the social-democratic "Juso-Hochschulgruppe Bamberg" (Jusos), the leftist "Die Linke" (SDS), the conservative group "Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten" (RCDS) and the liberal group "Liberale Hochschulgruppe" (LHG). A total of 35 members discuss current university matters and publish statements.

For the student parliament members you vote directly, you have seventeen votes. A maximum of three votes can be given to one person.