Winter Term 2018/19

Master seminar:
Usable Security and Privacy (PSI-Sem-M, together with Prof. Gross)(10.3 KB)

Bachelor lecture:
Introduction to Security and Privacy (PSI-IntroSP)(10.6 KB)

Bachelor lecture:
Ethics for the Digital Society (PSI-EDS-B)(9.9 KB)

Bachelor and Master projects (see below)


Summer Term 2018

Bachelor seminar:
Security and Privacy Recommendations (PSI-Sem-B)(10.5 KB)

Bachelor and Master projects:

Master lecture:
Advanced Security and Privacy (PSI-AdvaSP-M)(12.5 KB)

Bachelor lecture:Einführung in Rechner- und Betriebssysteme (PSI-EiRBS-B, formerly DSG-EiRBS-B)Important note: Unfortunately, our courses are not in the official module handbooks as of March 2018. Please consult the examination office if you are not sure whether you are eligible to take our courses in your studies program.

Current Semester


PSI-EDS-B Ethics for the Digital Society
2,00 SWS
Dominik Herrmann
PSI-IntroSP-B Introduction to Security and Privacy
2,00 SWS
Dominik Herrmann
PSI-SSSProject-B Software Systems Science Project: Security and Privacy
8,00 SWS
Dominik Herrmann , Henning Pridöhl
Raum gilt nur für 1. Termin, weitere Treffen in WE5/05.030 am Do von 12-20 Uhr


Master-Seminar Mensch-Computer-Interaktion: Usable Privacy and Security (HCI-Sem-M)
Tom Gross , Dominik Herrmann
PSI-Sem-M Seminar Research Topics in Security and Privacy: Usable Privacy and Security
2,00 SWS
Dominik Herrmann , Tom Gross