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Summer Term 2023

AdvaSP-MLecture Advanced Security and Privacy (hybrid)M.Sc.
 Tutorials Advanced Security and Privacy (face-to-face) 
EiRBS-BVorlesung Einführung in Rechner- und Betriebssysteme (Inverted Classroom)B.Sc.
 Zentralübung zu PSI-EiRBS-B (online) 
 Ablauf und Inhalt (Syllabus des letzten Durchgangs 2022) 
Sem-B/MSeminar Security and Privacy (face-to-face)both
ProjectPADProject Practical Attacks and Defenses (6 ECTS)B.Sc.
ProjectCAD-MProject Complex Attacks and Defenses (6 ECTS)M.Sc.
ProjectSPProject Security and Privacy Research (6 or 9 ECTS)M.Sc.
SSSProject-BProject Software Systems Science Project (12 ECTS)B.Sc.

PSI-Sem-B/PSI-Sem-M: This seminar belongs to the subject group of computer science. If you do not study Software Systems Science, you must check whether you can take this seminar. Information about recommended requirements and registration procedures will be provided via UnivIS and VC. Topics will be announced in the VC channel in the first week of the semester.

Bachelor and Master projects:  The projects belong to the subject group of computer science. Details will be provided via UnivIS and VC.

Software Systems Science Project: Duration: one or two semesters, topics offered on an individual basis upon request.


Winter Term 2022/23

Prof. Herrmann is on a sabbatical in winter 2022/23. As a consequence, there is no PSI Seminar and there are no PSI Projects. The lectures PSI-IntroSP-B and PSI-EDS-B are offered as online-only courses. PSI-IntroSP-B tutorials take place on campus (face-to-face).