Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences

Privacy and Security in Information Systems Group


The Privacy and Security in Information Systems Group (PSI) has been established in October 2017 and is headed by Prof. Dr. Dominik Herrmann. It belongs to the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences (WIAI) and is part of the Bavarian initiative Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern.

Our work is (mostly) concerned with practical aspects of security and privacy in information systems. This includes analyzing existing systems from an adversarial perspective as well as proposing, implementing, and evaluating defensive measures. We like to collaborate with groups specializing in machine learning (inference attacks and online tracking), legal scholars (data protection and criminal law) as well as ethicists (value-sensitive design).

Project in the Spotlight: PrivacyScore

One of our ongoing projects is (in public beta since June 2017). PrivacyScore is an automated website scanner that allows anyone to investigate websites for privacy and security issues. Users can submit URLs of individual websites or scan a list of related websites to learn how they compare against each other.

On the one hand public benchmarks improve transparency for citizens, on the other the benchmarks can be of use for data protection agencies that want to or have to audit content providers in their jurisdiction. In the long run we want to find out whether public "blaming and shaming" and/or transparent comparisons of sites within its peer group create additional incentives that increase the willingness of site operators to implement additional security/privacy measures.

We are hiring!

We have several open positions for student assistants ("SHKs") and research assistants ("Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter") at the moment.

  1. Student assistant (20 hours/month): setting up an infrastructure for video-recording and streaming of lectures (no technical prerequisites)
  2. Student assistant (40 hours/month): supporting the preparation of lectures and tutorials (prerequisites: basic knowledge of information security)
  3. Student assistant (40 hours/month): software development within the project (prerequisites: working knowledge of Python and the Django framework)
  4. Postdoc or PhD student (TV-L E13 contract): Developing a MOOC within the H2020 project CANVAS
  5. Research and teaching assistant (TV-L E13 contract, prerequisite: advanced knowledge of information security and privacy)

Please contact Dominik Herrmann if you want to apply or if you want to obtain more details about one of the positions.