Fundamentals of Natural Language Processing

About Us

Welcome to the Chair for Fundamentals of Natural Language Processing and the Bamberg NLP-Group (BamNLP). The group has been founded in March 2024.

We work on processing natural language in written form, that means, we perform research to enable computers to understand language (natural language understanding) and also to generate language (natural language generation). We cover all steps in this research and development process, including

  • Resource Development (we need data that exemplify the phenomena we want to model)
  • Modeling (we develop machine learning models, often based on deep learning, probabilistic methods, or large language models), which learn from these data
  • Application (we apply the systems we develop across various areas to understand their limitations and help other areas to benefit from the value of such systems)

The BamNLP group focuses on a set of NLP topics:

  • Modeling of psychological concepts. (emotions, intend, belief, deception, argumentation, persuasion)
  • Interdisciplinary research Forschung (digital humanities, computational psychology, computational social sciences, corpus linguistics, biomedical NLP)
  • Fundamental NLP and machine learning research (deep learning, large language models, probabilistic graphical models)

The group is part of the faculty for Information Systems and Applied Computer Science, the Bamberg Center for AI, the project Text Analysis and Understanding for Humanities, Social Sciences, and Beyond. We are part of the HighTech Agenda and the Bavarian AI Network.

The group is part of the faculty “Information Systems and Applied Computer Science”, des “Bamberg Center for Artificial Intelligence”, the project “Text Analysis and Understanding for the Humanities, Social Sciences and Beyond”. Further, the group is part of the HighTech Agenda Bavaria and the Bavarian AI Network.