We supervise Bachelor and Master's thesis in various areas of natural language processing, particularly in our research areas, for instance:

Foundations of NLP:

  • Modelling with deep/machine learning and probabilistic methods
  • Using and optimizing large language models
  • Structured Learning
  • Zero-Shot/Few-Shot Lernen, Fine-tuning
  • Compression of models
  • Recognizing and avoiding biases
  • Multi-modal methods

Natural Language Understanding:

  • Information extraction
  • Entity Recognition, Relation Detection
  • Entity Linking
  • Argument Mining, Claim Detection, Fact Checking
  • Emotion and Sentiment Analysis

Applications in adjacent research areas:

  • Digital Humanities
  • Computational Literary Studies
  • Computational Social Sciences
  • Social Media Mining
  • Applied Linguistics

These are only some examples for topics, in which we supervise theses. If you have an idea, please contact us. We will also list concrete topics in the future. You can also get inspiration from our publications and previously supervised theses.

You find more information how we proceed with theses at