Dean and Dean's Office

The office of the dean is the central point of contact for all faculty-related matters.

Faculty management

Faculty Dean

Prof. Dr. Guido Wirtz
Term:   01.10.2021 - 30.09.2023

Phone: 0951-863 2810
Room:  WE5/03.016

E-Mail: dekan.wiai(at)
Meetings by appointment


Prof. Dr. Sven Overhage
Term:   01.10.2021 - 30.09.2023

Phone: 0951-863 2910
Room:  WE5/04.042

E-Mail: prodekan.wiai(at)
Meetings by appointment

Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Daniela Nicklas
Term:   01.10.2019 - 30.09.2022

Phone: 0951 - 863 3670
Room:  WE5/05.128

E-Mail: studiendekan.wiai(at)
Meetings by appointment

Dean's Office

Dean's Office - Secretary's office

Alexandra Scholz

Phone: 0951-863 2801
Room: WE5/01.090
E-Mail: dekanat.wiai(at)

Contact person for e.g. the following tasks:

  • General information on the faculty and the study programmes offered
  • Coordination and administration of habilitation procedures
  • Room and timetable planning for courses
  • Planning of examination supervision
  • Teaching assignments
  • Proof of teaching commitments
  • First semester introduction days and graduation ceremony


Tina Stäblein

Phone: N.N.
Room: WE5/01.090
E-Mail: dekanat.wiai(at)


    Assistant to the Dean's Office

    Romy Hartmann, Dipl-Päd. (Univ.)

    Phone: 0951-863 2806
    Room: WE5/01.018
    E-Mail: dekanatsreferentin.wiai(at)

    Contact person for e.g. the following tasks:

    • administrative, coordinative and organizational support of the faculty management
    • coordination of appointment procedures
    • coordination of meetings as well as conceptual preparation and follow-up of committee meetings (e.g. Faculty Council)
    • financial and resource management of the faculty

    Assistant to the Faculty Management

    Caroline Oehlhorn, M. A.

    Phone: 0951-863 2906
    Room: WE5/01.092
    E-Mail: fakultaetsreferentin.wiai(at)

    Contact person for e.g. the following tasks:

    • Press and media relations of the faculty
    • Support and maintenance of the faculty's website
    • administrative, coordinative and organizational support of the faculty management
    • Study program marketing
    • junior and faculty events

    Dean of studies

    Assistant to the dean of studies
    Rosemarie Fleck

    Phone: 0951-863 3923
    Room: WE5/01.018

    Visiting hours: by appointment

    Contact person for:

    • Quality Management
    •  Accreditation
    • Program monitoring
    • Evaluation of study conditions ("Studienbedingungsevaluation")

    Career & International Center

    Dr. Laura-Christiane Folter (currently on parental leave)

    Phone: 0951-863 2977
    Room: WE5/01.092

    Stand-in for the career service:
    Caroline Oehlhorn

    • Organization of the WIAI Career Day
    • Company contacts
    • Application document check
    • Placement of internships through the Corporate Internship Program
    • Coordination of the VC course "Job Exchange WIAI“

    Stand-in for the international service:
    Tim Kipphan

    • Advice on studying abroad
    • Support for exchange students

    Stand-in for the Helpdesk for ISoSySc-students:
    ​​​​​​​Tim Kipphan​​​​​​​

    Examination boards of the WIAI faculty

    Assistant to the Examination Board Applied Computer Science

    Ines Häuser
    Phone: 0951-863 2515
    Room: WE5/01.079

    Visiting hours: Monday 2 to 4 pm, Wednesday & Thursday 10 am - 12 pm

    Contact person for following tasks:

    • First-level support for general questions concerning studies (subject-related and, above all, examination and statute law)

    • Advice, coordination and preparation of learning agreements (e.g. study abroad, VHB)

    • Advice, coordination and crediting of examination results (study abroad, change of study program, change of university)

    Servicedesk WI

    Tim Kipphan

    Phone: 0951-863 2778
    Room: WE5/01.078
    E-Mail: servicedesk.wi(at)

    Visiting hours: by appointment

    Contact person for following tasks:

    • Advice, coordination, review of "Bafög" applications
    • First-level support for inquiries regarding master's applications
    • Second-level review of master's applications for the master's programs WI/IISM/Wipaed-WI
    • First-Level-Support for general questions concerning the study program (subject-related and especially examination- and statute-related)