Administrative Committee Work of the Women's Representative

The Faculty Women's Representatives are, among other things, part of the university-wide Women's Advisory Council as well as the project group "Family-friendly university" (FGH), in order to discuss any concerns of women and equality and to represent their interests. These administrative committees meet regularly during the semester and thus create a functioning network beyond the faculty boundaries.

Project Group "Family-Friendly University"

Professor Ute Schmid has been a member of the "Family-Friendly University" project group as Faculty Women's Representative since it was founded. After all, the compatibility of an academic career and family responsibilities is an important concern for us. We are happy to bring the interests, problems and suggestions of all members of WIAI to the project group for discussion and consultation.

Women's Advisory Council

The central body of women's representatives at the university is the Advisory Council for Women's Issues. It is made up of the University' Women's Representative, her deputy, the Faculty's Women's Representatives and two elected student representatives.

The Women's Advisory Council meets three times a semester to discuss current problems, questions and activities. These meetings are open to the university public. All interested parties are expressly welcome to participate in the ongoing work and planning.

Appointment Procedures

Appointment procedures are the central element in shaping the future of a university. The goal of all those involved in the appointment process is to secure the best person for the advertised position. A transparent procedure can help with this.
The Bavarian Higher Education Act sees higher education institutions as having a duty to promote equal rights for women and men. Where women are underrepresented, their share is to be increased accordingly. This mandate is regulated in more detail in the Bavarian Higher Education Personnel Act (BayHSchPG), Article 18 of which regulates the filling of vacancies for female and male professors. The Appointment Procedure Regulations of the University of Bamberg specify the legal requirements and comprehensively regulate appointment procedures.
For the search for suitable applicants, an overview of the personnel situation in the subject to be filled, the so-called screening, is prepared at the beginning of each procedure. The respective faculty women's representative is also involved in the preparation of this overview.
Summary information and an information flyer on appointment procedures can also be found on the website of the University Women's Representative.