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Statistics on the proportion of women and recruitment at WIAI

On this page, the current figures on the proportion of female students in the Faculty's degree programmes are offered every winter semester. In addition, the number of female students and students as a whole who have been recruited through the faculty's numerous recruitment campaigns is surveyed.

Since 2011, the Faculty Women's Representative has conducted a comprehensive survey of all first- and second-semester students in the summer of each year, in order to ascertain study motives and study satisfaction in particular. These results are included in the annual equal opportunities report and are used as a basis for the further development of measures to attract and support female students.

Since the winter semester 2014/2015, the number of female first-year students at the WIAI Faculty has been above the 30% mark and has continued to rise since then. In 2018, the faculty was awarded the prestigious European Minerva Informatics Equality Award for its achievements in attracting and promoting female students.

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    The table shows how many students enrolled each year in a degree programme in the fields of Applied Computer Science or Information Systems who had previously participated in a recruitment project inside or outside Bamberg.