Study and examination achievements that have been completed at other domestic or foreign universities can be recognized, provided that there are no significant differences in the skills acquired in terms of content, level or scope.

If your stay abroad is still imminent, please conclude a learning agreement in advance for your own planning security. You can find the form in VC of the examination board Inf./AI.

Contribution to a module group:

If you apply for the crediting of a module completed externally for which there is no corresponding module in Bamberg, the module can also be freely incorporated into the elective area of ​​the corresponding module group with suitable skills. To do this, submit a meaningful module description and the certificate or transcript of records to the Inf./AI examination committee. A completed application for recognition must also be attached.

Final recognition:

You then submit an application for recognition of examination results together with the certificate from the foreign university / college to the Inf./ AI examination committee. You can find the form in VC of the exammination board Inf./AI.

Recognition of certificates:

Proof of achievement in the form of "certificates" should now largely be a thing of the past. In principle, if you cannot register for an exam via FlexNow, you should always ask whether this exam can (still) be included in your course of study! In some special cases, however, it can still happen that the examination registration can only be made as a "sham participant". So it always makes sense to clarify the usability of the certificate with the examination board in advance. Otherwise it may happen that you take examinations "for a certificate" that you can no longer use in your studies.

If it is possible to submit the performance on a certificate without any problems, simply submit it to the Inf./AI examination committee during office hours (Mon: 3 pm-5pm, Tue + Wed: 10 am-12pm).

If you have any questions, you can contact the examination board Inf./AI at any time.

Crediting of skills acquired outside the university:

Also competencies that you have acquired outside of university, e.g. acquired in the course of training are potentially eligible. In contrast to the recognition of higher education competencies, the crediting of knowledge and skills acquired outside the university presupposes the "equivalence of performance according to content and level". This criterion is rarely met, especially for non-university competencies. If in doubt, speak to the Inf./ AI examination board.