Distributed Systems Group

Welcome to the internet presentation of the Chair of Practical Computer Science and the Distributed Systems Group.

The DSG was founded in 2003 and is part of the Department of Computer Science within the Faculty of  Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences at the University of Bamberg. The group, led by Prof. Dr. Guido Wirtz, is committed to the highest international standards in research and teaching.


The DSG's research directions are centered around issues regarding the software development  for complex, esp. distributed, systems on all levels.  Our current research activities are focussed on

  • service-oriented architectures, service eco systems, enterprise application integration and B2Bi,
  • seamless transition from business processes to their implementation in SOA‐like settings,
  • visual design and programming languages as well as visualization of complex software systems.

More information about research (papers, projects) can be found in the research pages.


Besides introductionary courses for 1th and 2nd year students, our teaching activities put an emphasis on combining the theoretical background of distributed systems with knowledge about middleware and architecture for complex systems. This is done by advanced courses and seminars as well as practical labs to get hands-on experience with real-life systems.

Detailed descriptions of the courses offered can be found in the module catalog of our faculty. Note, that some of the courses - esp. on the Bachelor level - are offered in German and, hence only a description in german is available.