Integration Testing of Serverless Applications

Many cloud platform providers offer Function as a Service (FaaS) now which got popular with the introduction of Amazon's AWS Lambda in 2014. These offerings are based on serverless functions whose statelessness helps handle dynamic workloads by scaling them dynamically. 
Since these functions are operated by the cloud platform provider, developers can focus on business functionality and don't have to worry about operational aspects any more. Serverless functions are often combined with other services like data storage , e.g., to save the state of the application.
The interactions of these services with serverless functions build complex systems whose behavior has to be tested.

The aim of this projects is to support the integration testing process for serverless application. While it is easy to test the functions in isolation, the emerging behavior caused by the integration of serverless functions with other services needs to be tested. Therefore, the relevant aspects of an application have to be modeled to support the creation of test cases. Coverage criteria are created and their applicability investigated. Furthermore, the automatic creation of test cases for serverless applications shall be supported.