Joint Project VoLL-KI


Shaping higher education:
Holistic, data-driven and knowledge-based

The joint project VoLL-KI advances higher education on three levels. To this end, data- and knowledge-based artificial intelligence (AI) approaches are combined. Based on preliminary work on knowledge graphs, error libraries for programming, intelligent tutoring systems, explainable and interactive machine learning, chatbots, virtual reality, as well as recommendation systems, intelligent support systems for selected courses as well as AI introductory courses for sub-disciplines are being developed.



Study progress data is made available via an already established data warehouse system (CEUS) and systematically expanded in the course of the project. Data on the existing competences of individual students and those that need to be developed are combined with data on specific groups - for example, in relation to gender and educational biographies. In this way, customised recommendations for study planning are created. Students can request explanations for recommendations, explore alternatives and correct premises at any time. The expansion of the current data stock through the monitoring of learning and performance trajectories on an individual and group-specific level is integrated into the data warehouse and made available to those responsible for the study programme as a dashboard.


The offers developed will be evaluated over the course of the project by means of surveys and logfile analyses in order to optimise them formatively. Researchers from the fields of AI, AI-related areas of computer science, computer science didactics and educational research from three neighbouring universities are cooperating on the project. The focus of the project is on the computer science degree programmes at three locations - a large, strongly engineering-oriented computer science, a medium-sized, strongly interdisciplinary computer science and a small, strongly application-oriented computer science. Towards the end of the project and afterwards, the successful components will be extended to other study programmes and the project results will be integrated into the quality management processes of the participating universities.

Press release (German) – Eine nordbayerische KI-Allianz für die Hochschullehre

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People in charge at the University of Bamberg

Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid, Cognitive Systems Group (Subproject lead) · Prof. Dr. Andreas Henrich, Chair of Media Informatics · Prof. Dr. Daniela Nicklas, Chair of Mobile Systems · Oliver Elsner, Head of Controlling/Reporting · Achim Ulbrich-vom Ende, Head of the CEUS Competence and Service Centre · Prof. Dr. Diedrich Wolter, Professor for Hybrid AI, University of Lübeck


Project volume and duration

The VoLL-KI project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) with almost 5 million euros and runs from December 2021 to November 2025.

Project partners:

Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (project coordinator)
Subproject lead: Prof. Dr. Michael Kohlhase

Coburg University of Applied Sciences
Subproject lead: Prof. Dr. Dieter Landes