Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences

Software Technologies Research Group

Software Technologies Research Group

The Software Technologies Research Group was founded in 2009 and is part of the Department of Computer Science within the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Sciences at the University of Bamberg. The group's team, led by Prof. Dr. Gerald Luettgen, and its research partners are international.


The group's teaching is heavily influenced by research and currently encompasses the modules Software Engineering, Project Management, Compiler Construction, Imperative Programming and Parallel Programming, with accompanying seminars and student projects.


The group's research comprises the foundations and practice of software specification, verification and analysis. Foci of application are concurrent, reactive and embedded software. A further competence of the research group is requirements engineering.


Another interest of the group is fostering technology transfer by collaborating with regional, national and international companies, in the form of consultancies, training and joint projects.