Master-Level Teaching

Our research group offers modules covering compiler construction and automated software verification for master-level students:

  • Knowledge in compiler construction enables students to develop and implement their own domain specific languages. It is the foundation for writing concise and efficient code and additionally aids the comprehension and debugging of complex programming errors.
  • Automated software verification complements the classical software testing methodologies and helps guarantee compliance of quality standards in the context of modern, distributed software. Its application in commercial software development will become increasingly necessary in the future to ensure the correctness of large software projects.

The research group offers projects, seminars and master theses in these topics, allowing students to apply the skills acquired in regular modules and additionally deepen their knowledge in fields of interest.

An overview of the current courses is given in the UnivIS course catalogue. Details for the modules can be found in the module handbook and exam regulations of the faculty. Topics for theses can be found in the virtual campus. Please contact a member of staff regarding current projects.