Bachelor-Level Teaching

The main topics for Bachelor-level study offered by the Software Technologies Research Group are software engineering, programming languages and program analysis:

  • Modern software technologies, including agile processes of software development and modelling languages like UML, are used widely in the industry. Strong skills in these areas are vital for all careers in computer science.
  • The majority of today’s computer processors is built into embedded systems, such as mobile phones, driver assistance systems and medical equipment. Their software is characterised by its reactive behaviour towards the environment, i.e., by cyclically reading sensor values, computing output values and emitting these output values. A solid knowledge of the specific programming languages, compilation techniques and software tools employed in the development of reactive software is thus an important element of a modern computer science education.
  • The mathematical analysis of software is essential to guarantee program correctness and to improve runtime and storage performance through optimization.

The projects and seminars on offer all deal with the latest topics from these areas. Additional in-depth study can be pursued in the context of a bachelor thesis.

An overview of the current courses is given in the UnivIS course catalogue. Details for the modules can be found in the module handbook and exam regulations of the faculty. Topics for theses can be found in the virtual campus. Please contact a member of staff regarding current projects.