Smart Environments

Prof. Dr. Diedrich Wolter

Smart environments is a young area of research in applied artificial intelligence (AI). The field draws its motivations from recent advancements in AI as well as in technology (disappearing computers, sensors) and human-centered computing. At the university of Bamberg, we contribute by tackling the following research questions:

  • How can we achieve intelligent behavior of assistive technology?
    • How can sensor data be interpreted to obtain useful knowledge?
    • How can we reason with this knowledge in order to obtain smart decisions?
  • How can we interact with autonomous and situated systems like smart environments or service robots?
    • How can robust grounding of language be accomplished?
    • How can assistive systems blend in with our daily life?

We contribute to basic research areas such as artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning as well as technical and application-oriented research in service robotics, human-robot interaction, and smart environments

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