SparQ—Spatial Reasoning done Qualitatively

A Toolbox for Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning in Applications


SparQ is a collection of tools for Qualitative Spatial Reasoning in applications released as free software under GNU GPL. The goals of SparQ are providing reference implementations for spatial calculi from the QSR community making specifying and integrating new calculi easy providing typical procedures required to apply QSR in a convenient way offering a uniform interface that allows straightforward switching between calculi being easily integrable into own applications. SparQ can be run on most POSIX systems such as for example Linux or Mac OS X. Using Docker (container dwolter/sparq), SparQ can be run conviently on any system.


The most recent published documentation (which includes a brief introduction to qualitative spatial and temporal reasoning) is available here(752.7 KB, 81 pages), up-to-date information is available through GitHub.

Getting SparQ

SparQ is now available as a docker container (dwolter/sparq) – this allows easy installation on almost all systems (hopefully best option if you just want to use SparQ).

The most recent source package including documentation is available from GitHub, including the developer branch (best option if you consider modifying/adding calculi or new tools). There also is a pre-built binary for MacOS which includes a simple GUI.

What's new?

  • April 2017: updated documentation to explain SparQ's dynamic extension mechanism
  • May 2015: SparQ is now on Docker; some fixes and extensions have been uploaded too.
  • September 2014: SparQ is now on GitHub!
  • September 2014: this web page – browse older news at the old Bremen site

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